Eurotherm 3216i FM Approved High Limit Controller

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Option 1: 3216i/FM/VH/LRxx/R/xxx/G/ENG/ENG
1/16 DIN, FM Approved High Limit controller, with two relay outputs and a logic output - no communications option


Option 2:  3216i/FM/VH/LRxx/R/4XL/G/ENG/ENG

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1/16 DIN, FM Approved High Limit Controller with two relay outputs, one logic output, and RS485 Comms

This controller can be used as a direct replacement for a legacy Model 93


The Eurotherm range of 3200i indicators offer accurate indication of temperature and process measurements. The emphasis is on ease of use. A simple ‘Quick Start’ code is used to configure all the functions essential for indication and protecting your process. This includes input sensor type, measurement range and alarms making ‘Out the Box’ operation truly achievable. In operation every parameter has a scrolling text message describing its function and is available in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian. More advanced features, including scrolling text messages, are configured using iTools, a PC based configuration wizard, which is an easy to use and instructive guide to all the functions available.

Universal input
A wide range of temperature and process inputs can be selected using the front panel push buttons without the need for any hardware change. This provides easy on-site set up.

Custom text messaging
Custom messages can be created with iTools and downloaded to the 3200i to display when an event, alarm or process condition occurs. This provides the operator with good visibility of what is happening in the process and provides messages that they can understand and act upon.

iTools recipes can be created that can be used to change the operating parameters of the 3200i simply by selecting a recipe using the 3200i push buttons. This is very useful where multiple products are processed but require different parameters to be set. It can also be used to change the set-up of a indicator therefore allowing one unit to be used as a spare for multiple applications.



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2 years Standard Manufacturers Warranty